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To submit a support ticket, simply complete the form below or call the UHL Service Desk on extension: #8000 (internal) or 0116 258 8000 (external).
You can also submit a ticket via the LANDesk self service functionality via insite (UHL Staff Only).

PLEASE NOTE: We do not possess further information regarding courses and upcoming sessions and we are unable to update the status of bookings. For this information, please contact the person responsible for running the course. They will be listed as the contact point under the course information in the booking system.

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Technical Support Queries

  Technical Support Includes:
    • eUHL System Errors
       - SQL Errors
       - PHP Errors
    • Minor Enhancement Requests
       - Updating/Amending Applications
    • Server/Application Performance Issues

Technical support issues are dealt with by the IBM Application Development Team.

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