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To submit a support ticket, simply complete the form below or call the UHL Service Desk on extension: #8000 (internal) or 0116 258 8000 (external).
You can also submit a ticket via the LANDesk self service functionality via insite (UHL Staff Only).

PLEASE NOTE: We do not possess further information regarding courses and upcoming sessions and we are unable to update the status of bookings. For this information, please contact the person responsible for running the course. They will be listed as the contact point under the course information in the booking system.

Sorry, we're experiencing issues with mailing functionality.You will not receive validation mail for a while. Appreciate your patience as we work to get the issue resolved!.

Please check the FAQs before submitting your query

Technical Support Queries

  Technical Support Includes:
    • eUHL System Errors
       - SQL Errors
       - PHP Errors
    • Minor Enhancement Requests
       - Updating/Amending Applications
    • Server/Application Performance Issues

Technical support issues are dealt with by the IBM Application Development Team.

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Non-Technical Support Queries

  Non-Technical Support Includes:
    • Additional Access Rights
    • Add/Change Team/User Accounts
    • Training Management Issues

Non-Technical support issues are dealt with by the UHL Learning & Organisational Development Team.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can find answers below to a range of questions that are frequently asked.

  • Forgot Your Login Details

    If you have forgotten your login details, please click here to reset your account.

  • Registering A New Account

    Self-Registration is open for UHL staff. To create an account, you are able to self register at the following link here.

  • My Department Is Not Listed

    Our Division/CBU/Department lists are derived from the Electronic Staff Record (ESR). If your department isn't appearing on the system, it will be because its not registered with HR.

    If you contact your HR representative, they should be able to get your department added.

    In the meantime, when creating your profile, you are able to select -Not Listed as your division, CBU or department.

  • My Email Address Has Changed

    If you have changed your email address for any reason (e.g. marriage), then you will need to get in touch with us.

    As you are unable to edit your email address, please complete the form on the left selecting My Account as the system and My Email Address Has Changed in the subject field.

    Once we have received your query, we will get your email address updated.

    DO NOT create a new account if your email address has changed.

  • How To Book A Course

    1. Log in at
    2. Once logged in, click on Courses from the navigation bar
    3. Use the search bar in the top center of the screen to search for your appropriate course (elearning included).
    4. Click the icon next to the relevant course to book/launch the course

  • Incorrect Booking Status

    If the status of one of your bookings is incorrect; e.g. It may say 'Confirmed' instead of 'Attended & Competent', then you must contact the tutor of the course and urge them to update your booking by completing the session register.

    We are unable to update booking statuses for users.

  • Reporting Statistics

    In order to view staff and course reports for the online booking system, users are required to have Manager privileges set up on their account.

    If you are a manager of a ward or department and you don't have access to Reporting Tool, please complete the form on the left selecting Online Booking System as the system and Require Additional Access Level as the subject.

  • Downloading/Viewing Certificates

    Certificates for training sessions are no longer emailed to you. You are able to download your certificates by clicking the My Training link which is found on the navigation bar once you login. This is the list which shows all of your training records.

    Next to each Attended & Competent training record, there will be a button to download your certificate.

  • Require Additional Access Level

    All users are able to access the eUHL Platform at it's lowest level. There are however duties that need to be carried out by Administrators, Managers, Authorisers and Tutors on certain systems.

    If you require admin, manager, authoriser or tutor privileges set up on your account, please complete the form on the left selecting the system you want these privileges set up for and select Require Additional Access Level as the subject.

  • Missing Medical Device Training Plans

    If there is a training plan missing for a particular medical device, please complete the form on the left, selecting Medical Devices Portal as the system and Request Training Plan as the subject. Also ensure you state the manufacturer and model of the device in the query description.

  • eLearning Section Not Opening

    If any of the sections of the module such as PDFs or slide Presentations do not open on your PC - this may be due to the "Pop-up Blocker" functionality having been preset on your computer. In order to resolve this using Internet Explorer, go to the tools menu at the top of the screen and click Tools > Pop Up Blocker > Allow Pop ups. Other browsers follow a similar procedure to disable pop-ups.

    This should allow you view all sections of the eLearning module without a problem.

  • Cannot Find eLearning Courses

    To find a list of eLearning courses available, login and click the Course Catalogue link on the navigation bar. Type eLearning into the search box to view a list of available eLearning training packages.

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